Dear friends of God,

There are a number of important events happening over this coming weekend and I want to make sure you are aware of them.

Colia Clark. Outreach Jan 2015jpgCommunity Outreach to Millbrook School

On Friday 23rd January at 1 p.m. in the Holbrook Auditorium of Millbrook School, we will be honored to hear directly from one of the early pioneers of the civil rights movement, Colia Clark. She worked closely with Dr. King and as we reflect upon his life and legacy, Colia will be joined by Carol Nixon who has been responsible for coordinating peace and justice programs at Riverside Church in New York. I will also be sharing some of our work preparing for the March meetings of the Commission on the Status of Women. The panel will be reflecting on how the work of Dr. King can shed some light on current national and international issues. St Peter’s has a very special bond with Millbrook School and we are grateful to our own Rev. Cam Hardy who preached about the recent tribute to Dr King at the school. Please listen to her sermon if you missed it:

I include a link to the inspirational program created by Millbrook School students that she talked about.

I want to see the controversial film “Selma” and I know Colia has some string opinions about it so please come along if you are in Millbrook on Friday to hear what she has to say.

Baptism-children-helping-3-opt-250Parents and Friends Reflection on Our Sunday School and Christian Education Program this Sunday at 11.30 a.m.

We are grateful to Tracy and Jim Florak for hosting the first POW-WOW for 22 adults last week and here is the link to the minutes of this lively conversation. This was principally a listening exercise and part II will be attempting to augment these thoughts with specific programs and ideas on this coming Sunday, 25th January, meeting in the Parish Hall. Parents need to bring food for their children who will be meeting in the other hall with Hudson Valley Storyteller, Lorraine. We are grateful to Torrie Larson who serves on the Vestry as liaison to young families in the parish, who will be providing food for the adults. You can read the minutes of the first meeting on our website HERE.


Graveyard in snowBill Augerson’s Funeral

As we move into the Vicarage this week, we heard the very sad news that out next door neighbor, Bill Augerson died suddenly on Sunday morning. We prayed for him and his family that morning at St Peter’s and I was able to express our condolences in person to his family later that morning. Bill was always friendly and welcoming to me and I am very sad we did not get more time together. Bill and Gennie are members of Grace Church and are well known for their local volunteerism and support of local causes in our community. I have been invited by Rev. Matt Caulkins to assist with Bill’s funeral on Monday 26th at Grace Church in Millbrook. “Rest Eternal grant to Bill, O Lord, and let light perpetual shine upon him”. I am sure others from St Peter’s will be attending.


Rev. Canon Albert J. Ogle