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Compassion reflects the nature of God and through the compassionate action of people, God shows love for creation.

Outreach at St. Peters is active. It’s personal and always evolving. We are constantly learning how to partner rather than bestow.

We commit our energy and funds to organizations and methods that bring about deep and abiding change in the quality of an individual, a family and our community’s life. We seek to break the bonds of dependency and foster self-reliance, confidence, relationship, financial security and peace.

St. Peter’s engages in a number of outreach projects throughout the year, including:


Each Christmas St Peter’s provides help to families suffering extreme hardship. Working in conjunction with local service agencies, the Committee selects one or two families in the area. The parish provides them with material, financial, and moral support which may take many forms including clothes, toys, books, bicycles, major appliances, or other necessities related to their particular needs. In this manner the holiday season for these families is bit brighter as they experience the generosity and caring of our Christian community.

Christmas-at-Sea Program provides knitted goods made by parishioners for sailors. Items are distributed in December by the Seamen’s Church Institute of New York.

Dutchess County Community Action Food Pantry – Dover Plains, New York

The mission of the Dutchess County Community Action Agency is to partner with individuals and families to eliminate poverty and identify the resources and opportunities available to enhance their self-reliance. With four strategically offices located in Dutchess County, it provides numerous programs to those in need. These include employment assistance, emergency fuel assistance, bi-lingual translators, food pantries, health insurance coordination, and prescription and clothing assistance. St. Peters focuses its support on food pantry services in Dover Plains.

Episcopal Charities

As the outreach arm of the Episcopal Diocese of New York, Episcopal Charities equips parish-affiliated outreach programs with the means to transform the lives of people in need in their diverse communities. Every program is free of religious content and serves communities in Manhattan, Staten Island, and the Bronx, as well as seven counties in the Hudson River Valley: Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Dutchess, Sullivan, Orange and Ulster. Examples of our local programs include a food pantry in Amenia, a youth leadership program in Millbrook and a Latino outreach program in northeast Dutchess county which provides classes in English as a second language as well as assistance in navigating US immigration services to recent immigrants.

Grace Smith House

The mission of Grace Smith House, Inc. is to enable individuals and families to live free from domestic violence through: providing shelter and apartments, advocacy, counseling and education; raising the consciousness of the community regarding the extent, type and seriousness of domestic violence; and initiating and taking positions on public policies in order to provide options which empower victims of domestic violence. Established in 1981 and located in Poughkeepsie, New York, during its first twenty years of service it has sheltered over 2,300 women and more than 1,800 children as well as fielding thousands of calls on its hotline service.

Living Waters in Cuba by Lynn Nolan

St. Charles Avenue Presbyterian Church (SCAPC) is the church I grew up attending in
New Orleans. My grandmother was a charter member, and I was baptized, confirmed, and (T. and I were) married there. SCAPC shares a covenant with the Cuba Council of Churches, which includes El Fuerte Presbyterian Church in Veradero.  In October we traveled to Cuba on an SCAPC – sponsored trip.  read more

Rural and Migrant Ministry (RMM)

Nearly 3 million workers leave their homes each year to work on farms in the United States. Living and working in conditions considered unfit by most humanitarian organizations, they exist as a mostly forgotten segment of American society. RMM, established in 1981 by five Protestant denominations serves this community by providing legislative advocacy, youth empowerment, and education programs in New York State. St Peter’s supports RMM’s annual summer overnight leadership camp in the Hudson Valley that provides a healthy and fun learning experience for one hundred migrant children ages 8-18.

The Literacy Connection – La Mesa ELS

Seventy-five percent of people on public assistance are illiterate. Seventy percent of the prison population and eighty-five percent of juvenile offenders have trouble reading. Illiterate people are unable to fill out applications, read medication instructions, obtain decent paying jobs, read to their children or help with homework. In addition to the human tragedy of these lost lives, the expense to the public is an estimated $20 billion a year. In Dutchess County an effort to alleviate this burden is conducted by the Literacy Connection, a private, non-profit organization which helps people to read and write with fluency and confidence. Funded in part by New York State, Dutchess County and the United Way, it holds classes in adult literacy in both Dover Plains and Millbrook. St Peter’s supports the Dover Plains effort (or both efforts?).


For additional information on St. Peter’s Outreach Program, please contact Co-Chairs:   Jim Florack  – james.florack@davispolk.com or Betsy Shequine – betsy@shequine.com.



Outreach Fundraising Auction

St. Peter’s Promises for Outreach
October 1, 2016.  The funds raised will be used over the next two years.


2016 St. Peter’s Promises Auction Totals    
Cocktail party (fully tax deductible)   $12,250
Donations   $11,425
Silent Auction   $38,720
TOTAL INCOME:   $62,395
Expenses   $4,925
GRAND TOTAL:   $57,470