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St. Peter’s Cemetery


St. Peter’s Cemetery is located near the church on the northwest corner of the Shunpike and Route 44 in Lithgow, New York.

David Johnston, of Lithgow, donated land for the cemetery in 1806 and burials began shortly thereafter. The oldest surviving marker dates to 1811. The cemetery has expanded over the years due to generous donations of additional land and it is now approximately six acres in size. Many locally-important individuals from Lithgow and Millbrook have been buried there. Among those buried in the cemetery are forty-three military veterans, the earliest of whom served in the Civil War. The cemetery provides an important genealogical, social and biographical record of the hamlet of Lithgow and of the broader community.


St. Peter’s Church holds a Memorial Day service in the cemetery each year at the end of May on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. This special service is always well attended. Residents of the Millbrook community and visitors join with the congregation of St. Peter’s parishioners to commemorate those who have died in a service that stirs the hearts and souls of many.


The Cemetery Committee aims to preserve the rural character of the cemetery, surrounded by farmland, and to maintain the property’s contextual serenity for generations ahead.


St. Peter’s Cemetery depends on friends and supporters for donations to both the Cemetery Improvement Fund and the Cemetery Endowment Fund.

Cemetery Improvement Fund:
Cemetery Improvement Funds have been used in recent years for a number of projects: to build the stone wall and to plant evergreens, birches and forsythia along the edge of the cemetery; on the Shunpike and Route 44, to repair fallen and tilting tombstones in the old cemetery, to install granite posts along the drive to protect grave sites from automobiles, to survey plots in both the new cemetery and the memorial garden, to install the three rock gardens in the new cemetery and to begin the tree maintenance plan recommended by the cemetery arborist. Improvement Funds are currently needed to continue the tree maintenance program and to continue the repair of tombstones in the old cemetery.

Cemetery Endowment Fund:
The Cemetery Endowment Fund was created in 2008 to provide for the long-term maintenance, improvement and expansion of the cemetery. The Vestry has adopted a policy that purchasers of burial rights are to be strongly encouraged to make a voluntary contribution to the Cemetery Endowment Fund at the time of purchase and encourages potential donors to& the cemetery to make both current contributions and testamentary bequests to the Cemetery Endowment Fund.

If you are interested in purchasing cemetery plots please contact either David Parshall at 212-750-7132 or email him at dparshall@peifunds.com or Betsey Battistoni at 914-489-3528 or email her at bbatti@verizon.net. They would be pleased to help you.