Acolyte Schedule


Thanks for your great service to the church as acolytes! Please make switches amongst yourselves and let Anne Gillis and Marie  Scagnelli know to make changes in the bulletin. Thank you!! -Rev. Cam

Acolyte Schedule               April  – July 2017

April 23 Max Gundalach
Jack Borsch
Morning Prayer 
April 30 Abigail Crisp
August Larson
Morning Prayer
May 7 Emmeline Heaney Morning Prayer
May 14 Tassilo Adams Morning Prayer
May 27
Elliot  Florack
Sebastian Florack
 Memorial Service at Cemetery.  
June 4 Tassilo Adams Eucharist
June 11 Henry Gundlach Morning Prayer
June 18 Emmeline Heaney Morning Prayer
June 25 Florence Morlock
Clementine Morlock
July 2 Elliot Florack Eucharist
July 9 Tassilo Adams Morning Prayer
 July 16  Henry Gundlach Morning Prayer
 July 23  Emmeline Heaney Morning Prayer
 July 30  Sebastian Cynn  Morning Prayer