Crucifers and Acolytes

Many thanks to our Acolytes and Crucifers for the service they provide to the whole congregation Sunday by Sunday. We love to see our families participating and leading in worship. This is the most important community experience we share together. 
This Fall, we ask parents to ensure they have received and accepted the invitation to the church master Google calendar where assignments for the next quarter are made. Everyone should have received the invitation; if you have not, please send an email to the Vicar at to ensure you have it. This calendar is the administrative heart of the parish.
If your family or child cannot serve on an appointed Sunday, you will now be able to remove their names directly from the calendar and indicate future Sundays when you know you will be available. We are no longer asking you to find a replacement and we will simply trust that this more simplified volunteer-based program runs well as we all balance our commitments and obligations. The master calendar has been set through February 2018 and after Lent 2018 (mid February) when the Confirmation Group (the vast majority of our Acolytes) begins to meet regularly, parents and older children who are part of the Google calendar can assign their own Sundays. This is designed to respect and value time for everyone concerned and encourage personal responsibility and commitment to the program. We will review the calendaring process in February when the families of the Confirmation Group.
Please meet Marie Scagnelli in the Parish Hall by 9.10 am on the Sunday assigned to ensure you are ready for worship and assist in preparing the candles etc.
The Post Confirmation Group (acting as Crucifers) will robe with the clergy and Lay Eucharistic Ministers in the Old Parish Hall and be joined by the Acolytes for a prayer before the service.
Thank you all for ensuring our children are growing in confidence, faith and community through this ministry.


October 1   BLESSING Augie Larson
October 8 Elliot Florack
Emmeline Heaney
October 15 Jack Borsch
Emilio & Tassilo Adams
October 22 Caroline Bartley
Max  & Henry  Gundlach
October 29 Abigail Crisp
Clemmie and Florence Morlock
November 5 Alana Adams
Jackson Crisp
Sebastian Cynn
November 12 Elliot Florack
Florence & Clemmie Morlock
November 19 Jack Borsch
Emmeline Heaney
November 26 Max and Henry Gundlach
Jackson Crisp
December 3 Augie Larson
Florence and Clemmie Morlock
December 10 Elliot Florack
December 17 Jack Borsch
Emilio and Tassilo Adams
December 24    5:00pm
                           10:00 pm
Augie Larson
Caroline Bartley
Katie Salnikoff
December 31 Caroline Bartley
Jackson Crisp
Sebastian Cynn