July 17, 2013
Dear Friends of St. Peter’s:
As you are now most likely aware, plans are well underway for St. Peter’s triennialauction coming up the weekend of September 13th-14th. We already have a great teamassembled to headup the various Auction Committees (see below) and on the Friday evening preceding the auction look forward to a very lively Preview Party honoring Eric Shrubsole for his long-timedevotion to our church and parish. We are calling on every member of the congregation to participate in this once-every-three-years fundraiser, which is so critical to St. Peter’s Outreach Program. For the last three years, Outreach has been drawing on the proceeds of the 2010 auction – $24,951.00 – and the well is almost dry. It’s time to replenish it!!

Auction Items – In 2010, the auction alone brought in over $13,000 of the total proceeds, so in order for St. Peter’s Outreach to operate at full steam it’s imperative that each family donate at least one auction item of value – hopefully more than one – and encourage friends to do the same. Excellent-to-good quality furniture, silver, prints, paintings, jewelry and porcelain, not necessarily antique, are all welcome, along with entertaining funkier items that often prove to be real winners. All donations are tax deductible. We will be storing auction items in the Old Rectory House, and if your donation(s) is bulky, we have moving and transport capabilities thanks to our great pick-up team. To arrange for pick-up, please contact Tonny Salvato at 677-5150 or Otherwise, you can drop off donations on Sunday mornings, when the Old Parish House will be open, or by appointment by contacting Bindy Kaye at 677-5729 or

White Elephant – In 2010, White Elephant sales accounted for more than $2,000. Our White Elephant tag sale is an important part of the auction and we look forward once again to filling our tables with interesting trinkets, jewelry, household items, kitchenware, toys, electronics, small appliances and sporting equipment. As a rule of thumb, if it is in GOOD CONDITION, CLEAN, UP-TO-DATE and IN WORKING ORDER, then bring it! We do have a few guidelines to which we must adhere. This year we are NOT including books or clothing in our sale. And we cannot accept large appliances or any items that are past their useful lives (3 years for electronics and computer equipment unless you are certain it remains useful). Original packaging is a plus but not required. White Elephant donations can be dropped off in the basement of the parish hall before and after our regular Sunday services. If that timing doesn’t work, please contact Tracy Kimmel Florack at 917-881-0962 or or Alice Cynn at to arrange for drop-offs. WE NEED YOUR HELPING HANDS TOMORROW!

Preview Party – Masterminded by Lillian Corbin and Lea Cornell this year, the Preview Party honoring Eric Shrubsole on Friday, September 13 promises to be an event that our entire community will not want to miss. It will include drinks and hors d’oeuvres, a silent auction and a preview of the following day’s auction items plus superior entertainment. You can help match or exceed the $8,400 total that the 2010 Preview Party took in by encouraging friends who are not members of St. Peter’s to attend. To add names to the invitation list, please contact Anne Gillis at

Committees – There is a splendid team of Committee chairs all ready to put you and your family members to work. Sign up sheets for the various Committees are posted in the Parish Hall or contact the following people directly for the job of your choice:

AUCTION (auction donations, auction item pick-ups, auction procedures, bid spotting etc.) Tonny Salvato

PREVIEW PARTY (bartenders, hors d’oeuvres, silent auction items) Lillian Corbin; Lea Cornell

WHITE ELEPHANT (sorting, pricing, selling) Tracy Florack; Alice Cynn

FOOD – (coffee, chile etc. etc. for sale at the auction) Alex and Mike Sloan

PUBLICITY – Pat Stensrud

CLEAN-UP – Mila and Chris Tewell; Vicki Salnikoff; Alicia and Daniel Adams

PARKING – Pat Dealy ; Jim Shequine

AUCTION DAY TROUBLESHOOTING – June Felix jyeefelix@gmailcom; Julie Turino

Thank you in advance for your participation.
Bindy Kaye and Tonny Salvato
2013 Auction Coordinators